{Thu 29 January 2009}   Photo Essay: Deep Walking

Photo Essay: Deep Walking

(to Park Abbey near Leuven, Belgium)

This week in Creative Nonfiction we’re looking at the Essay form. I’ve glimpsed a world of textual delights through the windows of the few references I’ve had time to follow, such as those in The New Yorker, or The London Review of Books, but I’ve also been introduced to the concept of the Photo Essay. So… make one of your own, they said, they did. So I did. It’s a humble start, being just a little meditation on the journey of life (or one possible path of many in life), but the pics are nice, even if the “story” doesn’t grab you:

Deep Walking

{Thu 15 February 2007}   Twilight Goodbye
Twilight Goodbye

There was such a wonderful sky tonight. Cocooned in your car, I could not conceive the coming parting. It came swift and unthought—a door opening and closing on a highway; the pull of traffic demanding your attention and drowning out our promises. But, as you disappeared, the suddenly unglazed freshness of the rose-hued sky swept into my senses. I reached up instinctively to embrace it, and it took hold of me instead, making my feet mercurial as I danced homeward, balanced on a godly whim. When I let the road turn me from those caressing clouds, it pointed me to a pure, bright moon, perfect, waiting for me under winter branches, anticipating the dusk. A cool thrill of joy tremored in my spirit and recalled your still, deep presence to me.

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