The Representation of Memory

By Tia Azulay

Creative Nonfiction, MACWNM, DMU, 2008/9, Due: 27 April 2009

This project comprises three pieces written from memory and a critical commentary that examines linking themes, such as factual accuracy and truth in the realm of creative nonfiction, and how new media can be used to clarify or to complicate these.

Each piece describes events which I experienced or which were reported to me as having been experienced by my interlocutors. Each is different in tone, approach and content, but all reveal aspects of my formative influences. They may be read in any order, but the sequence of elements inside each is more or less flexible according to the degree to which sense depends on linearity.

The Freedom of Trees My Father’s Eyes A Personal Sacrifice
“Go for the emotional truth, that’s what matters.

If the main plot, characters, and setting are true,
if the intent is to make honest sense of “how it felt to me”
and tell that true story well (with disclaimers as needed),
it’s memoir to me.”
Mimi Schwartz

et cetera
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