{Sun 12 November 2006}   friend


where is
warm space
soft space
cool place
firm place
i could be
without holding on
without touching sides
inside your smile

i could be
warm, soft, cool, firm
held in small


{Fri 10 November 2006}   Fairy Tales
Fairy Tales

The house is cold.
Windsweeps whistle in chimneys,
showering hearths with blackest melodies.

Our shivering hearts tell Cinderella stories
while, underneath us, the rats
roll a pumpkin around in the cellar.

God, mother!
Speak true.

{Thu 2 November 2006}   Contract
One of you
I could not be —
Yet, to be not-with-you, I need you:
Your is defines my notness.

In return,
My otherness highlights you.
I am not one of you,
But I am one, and of you,
And by my aberration,
Your circle knows itself as round.

{Thu 26 October 2006}   Double Signals

Double Signals

O false God!
You have betrayed us.
Betrayer, betrayer, betrayer!

See the man who dances between tables,
Who swirls between clay pots,
Whose soul is dry, is dry for trying,
While his beauty fades.

See my friend who screams what he cannot say,
Whose lips pull tight over his power,
Who kills his own words,
While his music rages.

You, betrayer, you have done this.
Power of our minds, construct of our childhoods, moulder of our futures,
You made us yearn, seek, believe, hold true,
While you eroded our selves in your service.

Still we dance, sing, speak an ideal
that was never ours and cannot be.

{Sun 8 October 2006}   the chocolate door

peering back
through the gobbled hole
in the chocolate door
Gretl yearns to be

where jasmine beckons
and free leaves pulsate
with scattered surfeit of air
blue and clean to the lungs

draw deep
handspring across the dappled grass
while life leaps

et cetera