{Thu 7 May 2009}   Watercolour E-Poem

So… it took a while, but this poem is now more than text! To experience it you’ll need Adobe Flash Player, preferably v9 or v10, and to turn on your sound.

Click the image to view the poem full screen:


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Alternatively, why not respond by creating your own version of Watercolour? Grab the word cloud below, go to http://www.wordle.net, paste it in and have a blast! If you like the result, supply a link to the Wordle version in your comment.


  1. Wordle gives greater weight to words that occur more often. If you want some words to appear bigger than others, copy and repeat those words a few times in the word cloud, e.g. repeating “jazz jazz jazz” and “pizzazz pizzazz pizzazz” and “imagine imagine imagine imagine imagine” could produce a Wordle like this: Watercolour imagine jazz pizzazz.
  2. Wordle strips out common words like “of” and “the” unless you change settings via the Language menu.

Word cloud for Wordling:

Watercolour primaries pounce on the primitive page usurping space with bizarre pizzazz opposing waves squall and break brim-brilliant crests crash create a jazz of chaos interference drags a screaming thread of blue through careless orange splotches tia azulay raging red gobbles new green panicking through cooling pools of sulphur a purple pulse breathes whirls of fire willing them to swirl against caking air to savage expectations flay the fair and even strokes of intent with edges of the depths fan water into flame with split-atomic spatterings of aquamarine and shame shatterings of line design all reason Oh Image imagine Imagination’s breathing Ruwach

eazulay says:

Love it!
Here’s mine: http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/823901/Watercolour_scramble

Tia says:

That’s beautiful! It strikes me that your Watercolour Scramble looks like a fish, which seems oddly appropriate for a poem about primordial beginnings…

Nitzan says:

Hi Tia,

Very impressive work! I like the way you made sound, sight and sound all intertwined.

And the poem was very dramatic! Just as I’ve come to expect from you!

Well done.


Tia says:

Thanks for your comment, Nitzan. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I like all this all-outness and drama. Keep it coming!

Tia says:

Thanks for the encouragement, verylikeawhale! I’ll do my best, at the behest of the muse.

Anna Pitt says:

This is fab, Tia! Well worth all the hard work. All the elements combine together in a memorable symphony.

Here’s my wordle contribution. http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/860095/Watercolour_by_Tia_Azulay_

Tia says:

Hi Anna, thanks for visiting. I like your Asparagus wordle – very cool!

Leo says:

Hi Tia,

I love the way you read this. It oozes energy and has a real intensity to it. I can see how hopkins has inspired you, but you have your own voice too.

Here’s my Wordle:


Tia says:

Hello Leo,

Thanks for stopping by – you’re so right about Hopkins inspiring me – he’s one of my favourite poets! I liked your Wordle – quite subtle and interestingly different from the others.

Ruth says:

Hey Tia, Nice, nice nice. I love it. I loved the way the words tumbled over the page, colors bumping into each other to the background of Ruwach, Ruwach. It made me want to go to my art room and take out my water colors and splotch and smear and drag and drip and observe colors affecting each other, meeting and changing in the contact moment as they absorb one from the other. Delightful
Good luck.

Tia says:

Hello Ruth,

I can imagine you doing just that – I’d love to see the result! Thanks for stopping by to tell me how it made you feel.


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