{Thu 15 March 2007}   Link to Damn-Sad

Just a short note today to say that I received an email from Ian Reed giving me the link to his poem “Damn-Sad“, which up to now has not been available on his website. This is great, because I wrote my poem On the Death of Saddam Hussein in response to Ian’s poem on the morning I received it from him by email, so this gives it a bit of context.

If you are interested in political poetry, or if you just want to find out if you are, you might like to browse the Polemics page on Ian’s site or sign up to receive his poetry updates. I found his latest poem, Airport, which I received this week, quite scary – tapped into my fear quite well, it did.

Beaman says:

Thank you for the link to that site, it looks pretty good for political poets. I read your poem and must say I liked it quite a lot. I want to try and write more poetry about current events; your work has given me inspiration. I’ve enjoyed reading some of it.

Tia says:

Hi Beaman, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you liked some of my poems. It’s nice to wake up to approbation early in the morning!

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