{Sat 24 February 2007}   Thanks for the lesson

And some days, one feels like this… as is the case with most of the poems on this site so far, I wrote this a long time ago, but it’s probably one to which many people can relate:

Thanks for the lesson

So you’re a lover, are you?
I can do that too:
I can lurve and leave you;
even I can screw
my head down tight and nasty,
move like a machine,
drive a forklift through the party,
decimate the dream
come true;
come, I can,
come through,
come, come,
can you?

nic paton says:

Grrr. Now thats what I call baring your soul.

Very intruiging. The tabloids need, indeed, demand to know, who this teacher was. And whether he/she survived the retort.

mumbaiKar says:

Come let’s make a poem
Let’s rake up some wound
and cry.
Let’s cut up a vein
or Let’s lust stand
on forgotten crossroads
and call out someone’s name;
come let’s make a poem.


Tia says:

Wow, mumbaiKar, that’s cynical. I’m intrigued, though, and would like to read more of Gulzar now. Thank you.

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