{Wed 14 February 2007}   My Valentine
My Valentine

His sweet angelic face,
Gentle hands and quiet pace
Calm me: I who lack his grace
Am whole in his embrace.

His speech is soft and wise;
Pure joy lights up his eyes
When he sets his magic free
Or sometimes just looks at me.

And when I curl inside,
He curves around his bride.
What a privilege to be
The one he longs to see.

Eyal says:

I love it!
I do long to see you.

franspie says:

Does ‘his magic’ refer to the computer language he uses by any chance? Very clever!

This poem is soft and warm. and I like that. There can’t be many people who wouldn’t want their loved one to write of them in this way. What a lucky man your man is! And what a lovely relationship you have.

I love the respect for another that this poem shows, and the acknowlegdment that it is often another person’s (oops, nearly missed the appostrophe before the ‘s’ then!) essense that makes us, frees us (yet keeps us close) and allows us to blossom.


Fran x
(without spell-check!)

Tia says:

Yup… to those in the know, there’s Magic as well as magic! But he has plenty of both, so the line is true of him either way.

Thanks for your lovely response – It inspires me to keep on trying to tap in.

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