{Sat 27 January 2007}   Primeval Watercolour
Primeval Watercolour

Primaries pounce on the primitive page,
usurping space with bizarre pizzazz:
Opposing waves squall and break,
brim-brilliant crests crash, create a jazz
of chaos!
Interference drags a screaming thread of blue
across the careful splotches;
panicking through cooling pools of sulphur,
a purple pulse breathes whirls of fire,
willing them to swirl against the caking air,
to savage expectations, flay the fair
and even strokes of intent
with edges of the depths,
fan water into flame
with split-atomic spatterings
of aquamarine and shame
and shatterings
of line, design and reason—
Oh, Image, imagine
Imagination’s breathing:

See a subsequent digital version of this poem here.


Your vivid poem brings to mind such a wildness, an energetic process of creation – of image and imagination. Though unsaid, it brings to mind those other, quieter moments of creation – those soothing colors, flowing quietly across the welcoming page.
Incidentally, I love your quote for this month. It feels so true for me.

Tia says:

Thank you for saying the unsaid, my friend!

I can imagine this poem read aloud against some swirling music. It does bring to mind the whole creative process and is a good reminder not to see watercolours as insipid…

Tia says:

Hi Crafty Green Poet, I’m glad to know that you can “hear” the colours in this poem too! Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love this poem. I can see an artist, in a garden, light fading and raging against time, no time to create. Colors fail to do justice to the scene. Anguish.



Tia says:

I’m glad it’s so vivid for you, Rose!

leonie says:

waah-ooh! this reads like some wild and crazy jazz fusion. i can picture some band on stage creating mad riffs and screaming out the lyrics to their frenzied fans. love it.

Tia says:

Lovely image, thanks, Leonie!

Quiet a ride! I think I am color drunk – I like the feeling!

Tia says:

“Color drunk” – yes, yes!

TiaTalk says:

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