{Mon 5 February 2007}   Coming to terms
Coming to terms

I miss him.
His otherwhereness is solid about me.

No longer raw,
I seem whole beyond tearing now, for him,
As I tore then.

But some days, musical days,
A sadness beyond tears hangs in, makes its own void in,
My breast:

I had dangerously given my heart as well,
When I thought I only loved him.

{Sun 26 November 2006}   On deciding not to marry a priest
On deciding not to marry a priest

Let us, as much as now within us lies,
Cherish these moments, and the memories
Of others such, not letting Cupid’s cease
Cry knell to friendship. Though he dearly dies,

Let’s celebrate with piercéd shining eyes
The new enlargement of those mysteries
Of discourse: soul’s and flesh’s discoveries,
Added as laurels to each other’s prize.

Then, let us coolly choose the sacrifice
Of valued passion for very valiant peace
That rules with justice o’er our yielded lease
And flattens mountains to make valleys rise.

That bonds, beyond the fail or flawed surprise
Of Nature, which forth from Father’s Spirit flies.

{Fri 24 November 2006}   pillion

I have you
warm between my knees
you are lightly held
as the wind blows cool
against our coming

{Sun 12 November 2006}   friend


where is
warm space
soft space
cool place
firm place
i could be
without holding on
without touching sides
inside your smile

i could be
warm, soft, cool, firm
held in small


{Fri 10 November 2006}   Fairy Tales
Fairy Tales

The house is cold.
Windsweeps whistle in chimneys,
showering hearths with blackest melodies.

Our shivering hearts tell Cinderella stories
while, underneath us, the rats
roll a pumpkin around in the cellar.

God, mother!
Speak true.

{Mon 6 November 2006}   Now Through a Darkling Glass
Now Through a Darkling Glass

As children, playing into night,
We took light with us;
Sure, with strident voices,
That love of life would give us sight

Into the corners of our dreams;
That the Good Fairy
Would always tarry
To transform our fear of those realms

Into mystery: Our faithfulness
Would raise Tinkerbell
And then we could tell
The world we’d save them from the pirates!

We stepped through the mirror of our souls
Into Wonderland,
Whirled hand-in-hand
With its hugeness, and we stole the whole

World’s supply of fireworks and flowers,
Fit to celebrate
In pomp and state
The Starships’ return from the faraway hours

Of Outer Space: they brought galaxies
Home with them to us,
Exploding consciousness
With tales and plans and possibilities

Of coming conquests; brought us near
To a future
Now faded and far,
As seeing shades our glass once clear.

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{Thu 2 November 2006}   Contract
One of you
I could not be —
Yet, to be not-with-you, I need you:
Your is defines my notness.

In return,
My otherness highlights you.
I am not one of you,
But I am one, and of you,
And by my aberration,
Your circle knows itself as round.

et cetera